4 Tips For Getting The Best Wildlife Photos At Yellowstone National Park


Yellowstone National Park is one of America's greatest locations to take a vacation for wildlife photography. With such a high population of animals of all kinds and a stunning background, you can hardly do any better anywhere in the world. 

Before you pack your bags, though, here are some pro tips to help you increase your chances of capturing that perfect shot.

Beat the Crowds

Yellowstone's beauty also means its an incredibly popular vacation spot for people from around the globe. This means that you may have to find ways to avoid the most crowded areas unless you want a picture filled with people. Getting up early--before tourists flock to hot spots around 10:00 am--is your best chance. In addition, get off designated trails and away from roads and parking areas. Even traveling just a quarter of a mile away from trails can leave you pretty isolated to do your work. 

Remember the Golden Hour

The so-called Golden Hour in photography is the period shortly after the sun rises and shortly before it sets again. This is likely to be your best and most even lighting opportunity, so be sure you're out to take advantage of it. As a happy coincidence, this is also usually the best time to see large mammals like moose and elk wandering around looking for food. 

Research Changes

Unlike many national parks that feature fairly static geography, Yellowstone is constantly changing. Geysers and springs may erupt in new places and disappear from others. Weather can change much earlier or later in the year than you think. You'll need to spend some time determining where your favorite backgrounds are and how they may be in the process of changing. Animal paths also change due to this constant activity, so work with park rangers, weather services, and other photographers to stay up on the current conditions where you want to take photos.

Have Patience

Wildlife subjects are naturally elusive and cannot be rushed. You may need to plan a longer vacation for wildlife photography than expected so that you have time to scout the backcountry, find hidden treasures, avoid crowds, and stake out watering holes. Flexibility is also key because nature is so unpredictable. Patience pays off, though, so don't become discouraged.

Taking the time to find good picture spots and learn how to capture them well will help you create a Yellowstone vacation filled with photos you can hang on your wall to enjoy for years to come. Call a vacation provider, like Big Ku Alaska, for more help.


5 August 2017

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