Types Of Meetings That Are Ideal To Hold Away From Your Workplace


When you're putting together the plans for an upcoming business meeting, one of the initial considerations is the meeting location. Generally, you can hold meetings in the boardroom or in another designated area of your workplace, but this environment isn't always conducive to the content of the event. In some cases, you'll want to consider having the meeting take place away from your workplace. With a long list of on-site amenities, including convenient accommodation for any guests who may be attending the meeting from out of town, a hotel conference room can be the ideal venue. Here are some types of meeting that are conducive to this environment.

Strategic Sessions

Occasionally, you'll want your management team to meet to discuss the future of the business — and this might not be a topic that is suitable for prying ears. Confidential business discussions shouldn't be shared among the staff until the suitable time, which can make this type of meeting ill suited for your workplace. Even if a staff member isn't snooping per se, he or she may hear a snippet of a conversation while passing by the exterior of the boardroom, and could begin to spread rumors. Where privacy is an issue, having the meeting at a hotel conference room is the best choice.

Bonus Meetings

Several of your managers may be on a bonus system in which they earn a quarterly bonus for hitting targets that sit outside their daily job description. This is likely a topic that you don't share with your employees, as they could feel jealous about bonuses being given. A meeting in which you hand out of the bonuses, even if you don't share the amount of each bonus, is another ideal meeting for an off-site environment. When you hold such a meeting in the conference room of a hotel, you don't have to worry about employees finding out the reason for the meeting, and managers can cheer as vociferously as desired to congratulate their peers without being overheard.

Holiday Party

If you have an annual holiday party, it's nice to get away from the workplace for this gathering. Many employees aren't thrilled with the idea of returning to work in the evening for a holiday party, but you'll likely get more collective enthusiasm from a party held at a local hotel. Additionally, the hotel can cater the event, which is better than having pizzas or subs delivered for the party at your office.


12 August 2017

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