4 Ways Frequent Travelers Can Consistently Save Money On Lodgings


People who travel frequently tend to have less interest in wanting expensive or fancy lodgings. Instead, they want affordable lodgings. Here are a few ways you can find affordable lodgings without needing to do too much work:

1. Join Loyalty Programs for Ubiquitous Hotel Chains

Some hotel and motel chains exist all over the place. Some even have locations outside the country. If you travel a lot, it's a good idea to join the loyalty programs for some of these large, ubiquitous chains.

While these programs don't always pay off immediately, they certainly can over time. Usually, you can earn points towards free nights while you enjoy reduced rates. Some chains have cross promotions and reciprocal deals that can help you save money on things like restaurants and car rentals.

2. Use an App to Help You Find Lodgings and Save Money

There's a host of smartphone apps out there that can help you find cheaper rooms and deals. While most hotel and motel chains have an app these days, it's a good idea to use apps that aggregate rooms.

Apps can help you find the most affordable room in any particular area, rather than the most affordable hotel overall. In addition, apps can help you find non-traditional lodgings as well, such as rooms in apartments or rooms in private homes available for short-term stays.

3. Make Use of Coupons and Price Matching

A search online for to coupons will likely bring up a tremendous number of sites dedicated to offering coupons and deals for lodgings and accommodations. If you look directly on some of the hotel and motel sites, you may find coupons there as well.

In addition, many places that offer lodgings will price match. So if you find lodgings at one price, you can see if another place will match or beat that price. Usually, all you have to do is ask. This can sometimes apply to discounts you get from coupons as well.

4. Negotiate, Haggle, Ask Nicely or Beg

One thing many people forget when it comes to lodgings is the prices are not set in stone. Feel free to negotiate or haggle over the price. If you're shy or not the type of person to try to squeeze a place for a better price, you can always just ask. It doesn't hurt to ask, and it doesn't cost you anything to do so.

The worst-case scenario is you don't receive a deal or a discount. On the other hand, there are several possible best-case scenarios. You may receive a discount or promotional price. You may receive a room upgrade without paying extra. You can even get access to amenities reserved for higher paying clientele.

For frequent travelers, speaking to hotel personnel can help to build a rapport. If they remember you and recognize you as a frequent visitor, they're more willing to work with you. 

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15 August 2017

How Hotels Can Be Their Own Vacation

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