Looking For College Housing? 4 Questions You Should Ask Before Signing A Lease


If you're heading off to college, and you've decided to rent an apartment, make sure you know what you're looking for. Unlike college dorms, most apartments are run by private rental companies, which means you'll need to abide by their specific rules. While renting an apartment during your college years does give you a bit more independence, it does come with its own frustrations. This is particularly true if you choose the wrong apartment, or don't read the fine print before signing the lease. If you're going to be renting an apartment in a college town, you should know that some apartments work a little differently than your traditional rental agreements. In most cases, you'll rent an apartment with roommates – whether roommates you bring along or those that are already in residence when you move in. Here's what you need to know about your apartment lease:

Who's on It?

If you're going to be signing a lease, you need to know who's going to be on it. For instance, will you be signing a lease for yourself? Or, will the other roommates be listed on the same lease? If each roommate is going to be signing their own individual leases, you'll want to make sure that each person is responsible for only their percentage of the rent each month.

What if Someone Leaves?

When you're leasing an apartment with roommates, it's not uncommon for someone to move out at the end of a college term. However, it's important for you to find out what happens with the lease when a person does move out. Will the rest of the tenants be responsible for picking up that portion of the rent? Or, will each person continue being responsible for only their portion?

What's the Term?

Before you sign a lease for a college apartment, you need to find out what the term is, or the length of time the lease will run. If you're just starting out in college, a two-year lease will be fine. However, if you're not sure you'll like the apartment for two years, or you might change colleges before you're done with your degree, you might want to consider a shorter lease.

What are the Guest Restrictions?

While you're away at college, you'll probably want to have friends over from time-to-time. Before you sign a lease for your apartment, find out what the guest restrictions are. Some complexes will allow overnight guests, while others will have restrictions against it. Others will have a specific time limit on how long guests can stay, such as a weekend. Knowing the guest restrictions will help you avoid complications once you move in.

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23 August 2017

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