Ways To Be A Good Neighbor At An Extended Stay Hotel


People check into extended stay hotels for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you're taking a long trip with your family and want to enjoy a home-like environment while you're away, or maybe you're moving houses and need a place to live for a week while you wait for your new home to be vacated. In either case, it's easy to allow your extended stay hotel room to begin to feel like home. This, however, isn't something that should occur to the detriment of other hotel guests. Here are some tips for being a good neighbor at an extended stay hotel.

Return Your Things To Your Room

As you get comfortable around the extended stay hotel, it may become tempting to leave certain things where you use them. For example, if your kids have some water toys and they're swimming in the pool daily, you might be inclined to leave the toys on the pool deck. Similarly, if you're frequently riding your bicycles, you might think about simply leaving the bikes parked at the front door of the hotel. Remember, though, that other guests don't want to wade through your items as they use the hotel's amenities, too. It's a good practice to always store your items in your room.

Be Courteous With The BBQ

One of the big perks of staying at an extended stay hotel is that you can make use of the facility's barbecue; this type of hotel will commonly have one or more barbecues on the back patio for guests. When you're done cooking, you may be in a rush to eat. However, you should still take a few minutes to leave the grill in good shape. Throw out any food wrappers that you may have used, scrub the grill clean with the provided brush, and wipe away any spills. And, in the name of safety, always turn off the gas before you walk away.

Think Twice About What You Cook

The barbecue behind the hotel isn't the only way that you'll cook while you're at the extended stay hotel. More commonly, you'll use the kitchen in your suite. When you're planning meals, remember that strong scents can travel out of your suite, into the hallways, and even into other guests' rooms. A curry dish may be a favorite of your family, but it can also potentially bother other guests. Leave your most-fragrant cooking for when you're in your own home.


13 September 2017

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