Helping Your Pet Adjust To Your New Luxury Apartment Community


Moving into a brand-new luxury apartment with your pet doesn't have to be a challenge. However, your pet will be stressed no matter how good the amenities of your new place are. Many pet-friendly luxury apartments are designed with your pet's well-being in mind. However, you still need to help your dog or cat acclimate to the new surroundings.

Here are some tips to help your pet get more comfortable in your new place so that they can enjoy all the amenities as much as you do.

Keep Up Your Routine

Many pets get anxious when they notice a significant change in household activity. They may not know what is going on, but some pets have trouble with change. Make sure you keep up with regular walks, feedings, and litter box changes. Even if your work schedule has changed, try to keep to your home schedule as close as possible.

Visit the New Neighborhood

If you have a dog, and your new apartment is close to your old home, then take your dog for walks in the new neighborhood. This way, he or she can get used to the smells and other dogs in the area. Try visiting a nearby dog park to meet the neighbors.

Be Patient

Cats and some dogs often don't take well to changes. It's not unusual for a pet to hide for several days, or even a couple of weeks, after you move to a new place. You may wish to limit your pet to a specific area that is quiet so that they don't get lost and can feel calmer. If your cat or dog is hiding a lot, don't try forcing them out unless they are in an unsafe area.

Give Lots of Attention

Dogs will likely want more attention and reassurance from you. If possible, try to stay home more for the first few days when you move to a new place to help your pet feel more confident. If your cat is confined to a certain room of the house, try spending more time in that room with the cat.

Bring Toys

Familiar toys with familiar scents and sounds may add a bit of comfort for your dog or cat. If you have a regular play routine, then stick to that after you move into your new place. If your pet doesn't want to play, don't force them.

Dogs and cats react to new places differently. Prepare ahead of time to ensure they stay safe and are less anxious when moving to the new apartment. Make plans to pet-proof your apartment so that your pet doesn't have problems with anything unusual. Talk to your apartment manager if you have any concerns about pet-related rules and amenities. Look for pet-friendly apartments for rent in an area you like. 


14 April 2020

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