Writing a Better Description for Your Vacation Rental


If you have a vacation home you are trying to rent out, then you will rely on your listing description to really draw in renters and encourage them to book. But how do you write a listing description that really pops? Take a look.

1. Determine your ideal audience.

Sure, people rent all sorts of vacation homes. A couple may occasionally rent a 5-bedroom house just because it is fun, for instance. But most often, you can look at a vacation home and pretty much know what type of renter is going to prefer that home most often. For instance, if you have a small, one-bedroom cottage, you know most of your renters will be couples. If you have a 3-bedroom house with bunk beds and a playground in the back, you know many of your renters will be families with kids. Once you've determined who your most likely renters are, you can write the ad for that audience. This means using a tone and including details that would appeal to that audience.

2. Use short, concise sentences.

Most websites and other advertising venues only give you so much space for your listing. And most people don't want to read three long paragraphs to figure out whether a vacation home is what they're looking for. So when you are writing your descriptions, aim to be concise and to-the-point. You should use adjectives, but sparingly and only when they really mean something. For instance, if one of the home's main features is a big, wrap-around porch, then it is worth saying it has a "large porch." If the porch is on the average side, though, saying the home has "a porch" is enough.

3. Specify what is included.

People want to know what they have to pack. They are more likely to book homes that include little extras like towels and basic cooking gear so that they do not need to pack these things themselves. Include this in your listing as it will make the home more appealing to anyone wishing to pack light—which is almost everyone these days since airlines often charge so much for checked bags.

If you write a description that is short and concise, appeals to your audience, and specifies the extras that are included, then you will have an easier time finding interested renters to rent your vacation home. Contact vacation rental services for further assistance. 


25 August 2020

How Hotels Can Be Their Own Vacation

Hello! My name is Rachel Willis and I love going on vacations. I have spent time in many hotels and it is often the destination that is seen as the main event when going on a vacation. However, I have found that if you find the right hotel, the actual hotel itself can be the vacation. Because of my experience with hotel rooms, I have really come to know what I like and I love talking about it. I often don't find anyone who has the same passion for hotel rooms as I do, so I decided to create this blog to reach out.