Top Traits Of Great Hotels To Help You Pick The Right One


Picking the right hotel for your vacation or business trip can be difficult, especially when there are so many to choose from in the area where you are traveling. Depending on the type of travel you are doing, you need to think about what you need in the hotel and where its location is related to where you want to go. There are certain traits to look for in hotel properties to help you pick the right one for you.

Here are some of the top traits in hotels to help you pick the right one for you.

They Are Customer Oriented

While you might think that all hotel properties are customer-oriented — and they are to a point — it's best to find hotels that really cater to their guests. This means they go above and beyond for their guests to help make their stay the best it can be.

The hotel fulfills almost all of their guests' needs or wants, including getting them restaurant reservations, amusement park tickets, or theater tickets, and even supplying any items that the guests might need or having a personal shopper get it for them.

They also have employees that can speak several languages so they can speak to guests in their own language. They can also make notes of repeat guests so they can not only acknowledge them by name but cater to their particular needs or wants.

If you can find a hotel that is very customer-oriented like this, you are in for a great stay.

They Create Entire Experiences

Great hotel properties don't only create a comfortable and relaxed setting to enjoy your vacation, but they also create entire experiences for you to enjoy. This could mean they are themed hotels that cater to a particular fan base, such as science fiction fans or fans of a particular movie or TV show. They could cater to those who love adventure, and the hotel creates experiences around that.

For example, hotels could offer escape rooms, climbing walls, motorcycle and bike rentals, and excursions to local attractions and guided tours as well. They could be themed to certain characters or stories from books. The point is to create an entire experience and not just a place to stay while at the hotel. Think about Disney's or Universal's famous themed hotels for great hotels that create entire experiences for their guests.

There are others out there that could be perfect to your tastes too.


31 March 2021

How Hotels Can Be Their Own Vacation

Hello! My name is Rachel Willis and I love going on vacations. I have spent time in many hotels and it is often the destination that is seen as the main event when going on a vacation. However, I have found that if you find the right hotel, the actual hotel itself can be the vacation. Because of my experience with hotel rooms, I have really come to know what I like and I love talking about it. I often don't find anyone who has the same passion for hotel rooms as I do, so I decided to create this blog to reach out.