How To Find And Book A Pet-Friendly Hotel


If you're going on any type of trip and want or need to bring your pet along, you'll need to plan your lodging in advance. Not all hotels and other types of lodging accept pets, and you don't want to be stuck without a place to stay when you arrive at your destination. 

Some hotel chains accept pets, so you can map them out ahead of time along your route if you're driving. With smaller, family-owned hotels, each property has its own pet policy. If you have your heart on a particular hotel, call ahead to see if they will take in your furry friend.

Another difference between hotel pet policies is that some accept just dogs or cats, while others will take in any domestic animals, including birds and reptiles. Start by looking on each hotels' website to see if their specific pet policy is listed. 

Here are some additional tips for booking a pet-friendly hotel room:

1. Be Prepared for Fees  

After you've narrowed down a list of pet-friendly hotels in the location where you're staying, find out if they charge any fees. Each hotel has different fees and guidelines, while the policy for entire chains is typically the same. Some may vary according to location, however. 

The fees cover incidentals such as extra cleaning due to having pets in a room, and in case any damage, such as scratching, occurs. If your pet causes no problems during your stay, you may be refunded all or part of your fee. If you pay a cash deposit, you may get it back at check-out, while credit card charges may take a few days to be refunded.

2. Consider Outdoor Space 

When you're trying to narrow down the best pet-friendly hotel, consider whether the property offers any outdoor space, such as a walking path around a lake or through a garden. If it doesn't., check to see if there are any parks nearby so that you can walk your dog. 

3. Ask About Any Perks 

Some extremely pet-friendly hotels offer a variety of perks for both you and your favorite animal. Some of these include a pet grooming salon, where dogs can get bathed, their fur and nails trimmed, and even massages. 

Other pet-friendly hotels provide treats and bowls of water upon check-in, and possibly even in the guestrooms. Fancier hotels may also offer a doggie daycare service, pet strollers, and even dog meet-ups, so they can make canine friends while away from home. 


13 April 2022

How Hotels Can Be Their Own Vacation

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