Six Mistakes That Could Detract From The Health Of Your Dog's Fur


Keeping your dog's fur healthy is important in ensuring the comfort and healthy appearance of your dog.  The following are six mistakes that you need to avoid if you want to ensure that your dog's fur stays in good condition and your canine companion stays as comfortable and happy as possible: Failing to protect your dog from the elements outside Your dog's skin and coat are susceptible to damage from the elements if you leave your dog outside much of time.

10 August 2017

4 Tips For Getting The Best Wildlife Photos At Yellowstone National Park


Yellowstone National Park is one of America's greatest locations to take a vacation for wildlife photography. With such a high population of animals of all kinds and a stunning background, you can hardly do any better anywhere in the world.  Before you pack your bags, though, here are some pro tips to help you increase your chances of capturing that perfect shot. Beat the Crowds Yellowstone's beauty also means its an incredibly popular vacation spot for people from around the globe.

5 August 2017

Want To Learn To Surf? Why You Should Go To A Surf Resort


If you've ever seen surfers riding a high wave out on the ocean, you may have been entranced with the ability to be that free.  The water appears to guide their every movement, almost making it appear like they're gliding through the ether on a cloud of mere air.  However, if you're a beginner and haven't had much experience with surfing, it's important for you to be around other people who know what they're doing.

28 July 2017