Ways To Be A Good Neighbor At An Extended Stay Hotel


People check into extended stay hotels for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you're taking a long trip with your family and want to enjoy a home-like environment while you're away, or maybe you're moving houses and need a place to live for a week while you wait for your new home to be vacated. In either case, it's easy to allow your extended stay hotel room to begin to feel like home.

13 September 2017

Opening A Hotel? Why You Need A Consultant


Making the decision to open a hotel is no small feat. You want your lodging to be welcoming and pleasant enough for guests to come back again and again. Although you might be drawing upon the experiences that you've had while staying in other hotels to make the pattern for your own, you could be falling short. You want to create a place that stands out from the pack. That's where a hotel consultant can be of immense benefit to you.

9 September 2017

3 Tips To Save Money On Accommodations For Your Beach Vacation


If you are going to be taking a trip to the beach soon, you might be excited about staying at a great hotel and being able to spend plenty of time in the sand and surf. However, you might be concerned about how much you're going to have to spend on your hotel. It's true that it can be easy to spend a lot of money on a hotel at the beach if you aren't careful, but if you follow these tips to find the best places to stay on the Oregon coast, you can keep costs to a minimum.

2 September 2017

Looking For College Housing? 4 Questions You Should Ask Before Signing A Lease


If you're heading off to college, and you've decided to rent an apartment, make sure you know what you're looking for. Unlike college dorms, most apartments are run by private rental companies, which means you'll need to abide by their specific rules. While renting an apartment during your college years does give you a bit more independence, it does come with its own frustrations. This is particularly true if you choose the wrong apartment, or don't read the fine print before signing the lease.

23 August 2017

4 Tips To Choose A Great Destination For Your Next Trip


Thinking about taking a vacation but don't yet know where to stay? There are so many wonderful destinations to choose from! It doesn't have to be difficult to make this choice. Taking extra care when thinking ahead can allow you to choose a great place that you're sure to love. Keep reading to learn some helpful tips so that you choose a great destination for your next vacation.  Do You Want Old or New?

22 August 2017

4 Ways Frequent Travelers Can Consistently Save Money On Lodgings


People who travel frequently tend to have less interest in wanting expensive or fancy lodgings. Instead, they want affordable lodgings. Here are a few ways you can find affordable lodgings without needing to do too much work: 1. Join Loyalty Programs for Ubiquitous Hotel Chains Some hotel and motel chains exist all over the place. Some even have locations outside the country. If you travel a lot, it's a good idea to join the loyalty programs for some of these large, ubiquitous chains.

15 August 2017

Types Of Meetings That Are Ideal To Hold Away From Your Workplace


When you're putting together the plans for an upcoming business meeting, one of the initial considerations is the meeting location. Generally, you can hold meetings in the boardroom or in another designated area of your workplace, but this environment isn't always conducive to the content of the event. In some cases, you'll want to consider having the meeting take place away from your workplace. With a long list of on-site amenities, including convenient accommodation for any guests who may be attending the meeting from out of town, a hotel conference room can be the ideal venue.

12 August 2017